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 Speech and Accent Coaching - for Creatives, Production & Business Professionals


Andrew served as Co-Adjutant faculty of speech in the BFA/MFA acting program at Rutgers University. He led one-on-one tutorials in speech skills for impediments and idiolects, formal and informal speech, as well as coaching Non Regional American Dialect and several regional American and international accents. He served as substitute teacher for both primary Voice and Speech faculty in the esteemed program at RU. He is trained in Knight-Thompson Speechwork and utilizes this among other methods to coach accents for individuals and groups in theatre, film, video and audio production as well as professionals who wish to empower their public speaking. Using these techniques he can learn and teach any accent and address most speech issues.

Some skills available in coaching:

-Increase awareness of anatomy involved in producing sound

-Address and choose alternatives to difficult sounds

-Explore various methods of articulation

-Fluency tactics in speaking English

-Non Regional American Dialect (NRAD), Detail Model of American English (DAE) or other 'General' American accents

-Regional and International accents of English

-Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

-IPA transcription practice

-Voice skills for speaking

Whether developing an new accent for a project, or simply wanting to improve public speaking skills I have several coaching packages that meet your needs. 

All coaching includes a free 30 minute consultation. Please don't hesitate to schedule yours today via the contact page!

Coaching is held at my private studio in SE PDX.

After working with Andrew over a period of time, I was able to tackle language from a place of ease and confidence. My work in the classroom progressed quickly and my character choices (Speech, Voice) on stage became more expansive and clear. I was no longer the actor who feared wordy text, but the actor that knew his mouth so well that I

could jump into any text and make stronger choices than I ever had before. That is only because Andrew took his time with me to break down how sound is created within the mouth and then released into words. I have been complemented on many of my character choices in my performances ever since working with Andrew and it has been a blessing. I have a greater awareness in my daily life with sounds and I can now articulate those sounds (mimic) and use them for future characters and accents. Andrew Start has been a tremendous help of the knowledge/tools I now own.

Andrew is not only a wonderful artist and human being to be around, but a great speech and voice instructor. His philosophy of teaching makes it easy for anyone to grasp, but more so he makes it easy for the student to feel comfortable in the working space.

Elijah Coleman, MFA Rutgers University

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